Volume 72 : 2024

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Isolation and Identification of Fungal Endophytes Associated with Leaves of Rhizophora mucronata Lamk.

PAGE 1-17

Online Publication Date: April 2024

Jayzon G. Bitacura, James Kennard S. Jacob and Thomas Edison E. dela Cruz

Association of MTNR1B rs10830963 C>G Polymorphism with the risk of Gestational Diabetes Mellitus: An Updated Meta-analysis

PAGE 18-32

Online Publication Date: April 2024

Joe Anthony H. Manzano, Sasha Mikole Gutierrez, Marlan T. Magdalaga, Omar A. Albuaimi and John Donnie A. Ramos

Predicted Inflammatory Protein Targets of Tinosporacordifolia Secondary Metabolites: ADMET and MolecularDocking Studies

PAGE 33-54

Online Publication Date: May 2024

Loraine Jewel P. Burayag, Yara Haifa R. Acmad, Carmela P. Alberto, Bernadette Nicole F. Ang, Marie Ericka V. Arona, Vincent Raphael R. Balajadia,
Giselle Ann R. Bautista, Alanis Renei L. Berja, Jamille Anne C. Caringal, Alessandra E. Castillo, Maria Salvacion A. Esmalla, and Agnes L. Castillo

Selective Candida tropicalis inhibitory bisanthraquinonerugulosin A potentially targets NADPH-cytochrome P450reductase in silico

PAGE 55-67

Online Publication Date: May 2024

Joe Anthony H. Manzano, Allan Patrick G. Macabeo, and Nicanor Austriaco


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