Volume 68 : 2020

A multidisciplinary journal covering the various areas of the natural and applied sciences.

ACTA MANILANA publishes research and innovation in the different branches of the natural and applied sciences. It reports significant development in the discipline, and novel applications, unconfined by the traditional coverage of the disciplines.

Colorimetric detection of cadmium(II) using glutathione- capped gold nanoparticles

PAGE 1-11

Alan Rodelle M. Salcedo, Nova Carisa F. Morabe, & Fortunato B. Sevilla III

Pyrolyzed iron-cobalt/polyaniline on bentonite clay as electrocatalyst for oxygen reduction reaction

PAGE 13-20

Hannah Grace D. Geronimo, Jonyl L. Garcia, & Bernard John V. Tongol

Effect of pyrolysis conditions on the potential of rice straw derived biochar for carbon dioxide capture application

Page 21-30

Judy Anne Mae M. Del Rosario, Juan Miguel V. Esporlas, Justienne Rei P. Laxamana, & Jhulimar C. Castro

Antinociceptive effect of the ethanolic extract of Pandanus panayensis Merr.

Page 31-37

Prima M. De Jesus, Jovencio G. Apostol, Mario A. Tan, Maribel G. Nonato, & Agnes L. Castillo

Solving the air cargo space allocation problem of a digital logistics company by mathematical programming

Page 39-49

Ma. Alessandra D. Abaya, Kowji Ann Iekki P. Bajao, Kyra Ashley T. Manuel, Maria Bianca Paris U. Murphy, & Marilyn C. Mabini

An α-glucosidase iridoid glycoside inhibitor from Scyphiphora hydrophyllacea (Rubiaceae)

Page 51-56

John P. Paulin, Regina Belen P. Callanta, Mario A. Tan, Maria Cristina R. Ramos, & Mafel C. Ysrael


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