Volume 64: 2016

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Molecular confirmation and taxonomy of the Rubiaceous Mycetia apoensis (Elmer) Govaerts

Page 1-7

John Christopher C. Villanueva, Remigio S. Callanta Jr., Jasmin Aei F. Neptuno, Maryneil A. Verin, Porferio S. Bangcaya, Vincent Louie D. Cabelin, & Grecebio Jonathan D. Alejandro

GC-MS metabolite profiling of the hexane extract and antimicrobial characterization of the Philippine endemic Rubiaceae species Uncaria cordata var. circa, Psychotria luzoniensis, and Psydrax puberula

Page 9-16

Sarleen G. Castro, John Emmanuel V. Cid, Winnie Adrianne S. Ibañez, Grecebio Jonathan D. Alejandro,
& Mario A. Tan

Comparison of cellular-based viability and apoptosis assays on doxorubicin treated colorectal adenocarcinoma cells

Page 17-23

Thomas Adrian Tiongson, Maria Charina Magsumbol, Mark Kevin Devanadera, & Myla R. Santiago

Fluorophore-labeled bioengineered glucose binding protein for measurement of transdermal glucose

Page 25-32

Cristina Tiangco, Sheniqua Brown, Fortunato Sevilla III, Govind Rao, & Leah Tolosa

Enantioselective chiral 2-pyridyl-2-imidazoline organocatalyzed Aldol reactions in brine

Page 33-39

Aileen Marice R. Baltazar, Simon Budde, Christian Faderl, Aldrick B. Verano, & Allan Patrick G. Macabeo

Pulse electrodeposited tin/palladium/exfoliated graphene oxide (Sn/Pd/EGO) catalyst for direct ethanol fuel cell applications

Page 41–50

Paulo Irvin A. Chang, Joshua L. Tan, & Bernard John V. Tongol

Intelligent backpack weight assessment system

Page 51–57

Diana Marie M. Bulatao, Precious Mae V. Carolino, Aizel Cate S. Equipaje, Cristine Jin DS. Estrada, Paolo Adrian D. Papa, & Edison A. Roxas

Mathematical modeling of thin-layer drying kinetics of carabao mango in a hot-air dryer

Page 59–66

Fidel Ivan T. Labutong, Janet Stephanie F. Pastores, Angelyn C. Yeung & Lola Domnina B. Pestaño

A review of recent literature on repairable-item inventory systems

Page 67-74

Marilyn C. Mabini

Reviving the Philippine shrimp industry: molecular diagnostics and therapeutics

Page 75-86

Maria Violeta R. Tare, Pocholo Mari T. Arabit, Mark Anthony G. Fran, David Angelo V. Guanzon, Jalizah Jaira E. Lim, Sharlaine Joi Ann B. Orense, Joselito A. Tabardillo Jr., & Mary Beth B. Maningas

Natural products-based discovery of antitubercular agents from Philippine medicinal plants — A review

Page 87-98

Allan Patrick G. Macabeo, Oliver B. Villaflores, Scott G. Franzblau, & Ma. Alicia M. Aguinaldo


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