Volume 65 : 2017

ACTA MANILANA publishes research and innovation in the different branches of the natural and applied sciences. It reports significant development in the discipline, and novel applications, unconfined by the traditional coverage of the disciplines.

Formulation and evaluation of virgin coconut oil cream for atopic dermatitis prepared using green processing method

PAGE 1-9

Gina C. Castro, Jovencio G. Apostol

A glucomannan with alpha-glucosidase inhibitory activity isolated from the leaves of Antidesma microcarpum Elmer (Euphorbiaceae)

Page 11–16

John P. Paulin, Mario A. Tan, Grecebio Jonathan D. Alejandro, Mafel C. Ysrael

Determinants of breastfeeding initiation and its association with breastfeeding practice of Filipino children aged 0–23 months

Page 17–28

Mildred O. Guirindola, Ma. Lynell V. Maniego, Keren Faye M. Gaya, Cecilia Cristina S. Acuin

Marine macroalgal diversity assessment of Biri Island and Dalupirit Island, Northern Samar, Philippines

Page 29–38

Susana F. Baldia, Mark Timothy C. Kabiling, Connie Anne L. Gabriel, Angelique Nadine D.G. Abeleda, Rose Celine A. Aguinaldo, Ken Joseph E. Clemente, Paciente A. Cordero Jr.

Potential of the fungus Talaromyces as biological control agent for Eichhornia crassipes in freshwater systems

Page 39–45

Jesus Alfonso C. Catahay, O’Neil D. Cerdeña, Gabrielle Beatrix B. Francisco, Keisha Eunice T. Geson, Justin Paolo B. Abengaña, Anna Christina R. Ngo, & Gina R. Dedeles

Molecular identification of a native wine yeast from bubod used in tapuy fermentation

Page 47–54

Claire A. Ablang, Kyle Noreen C. Alvar, Kyle Aaron T. Samson, & Librado A. Santiago

Iteration functions for approximating complex roots of cubic polynomials

Page 55–60

Enrico M. Yambao & Ma. Carlota B. Decena

Non-pyrolyzed cobalt-porphyrin cathode catalyst on carbon support as an efficient electrocatalyst for oxygen reduction reaction in basic medium

Page 61–68

Charlene Donamae P. Cac, Maria Krisandra L. Mendoza, & Bernard John V. Tongol

One-pot green synthesis of copper(I) iodide nanocrystallites using red cabbage extract and its application for the colorimetric sensing of elemental mercury vapor

Page 69–76

Alan Rodelle M. Salcedo & Fortunato Sevilla III


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