VOLUME 65 : 2017

VOLUME 65 : 2017

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Formulation and evaluation of virgin coconut oil cream for atopic dermatitis prepared using green processing method

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Gina C. Castro, Jovencio G. Apostol

A cream formulation for atopic dermatitis, containing virgin coconut oil as non-steroidal active ingredient was developed. Three prototype formulations containing 20% virgin coconut oil were developed using controlled heating with post-emulsification addition of an emulsifying polymer. The products are white, smooth, soft creams with skin-compatible pH. All samples showed no phase separation or color changes through four cycles of freeze-thaw testing. Effect of elevated temperature (40°C) within a 6-month period, and of varying UV light intensities within 30 days on the appearance, pH, viscosity, particle size, and creaming index were assessed. The prototype formulations were found to be non-irritating in the Draize rabbit method. The most stable prototype was shown to help improve symptoms associated with atopic dermatitis after 1 week of twice daily application in a preliminary usage test. The virgin coconut oil cream formulated using green method has good potential as a nonsteroid alternative for the management of atopic dermatitis symptoms.

Keywords: atopic dermatitis, green method, stability testing, topical cream, virgin coconut oil


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