VOLUME 68 : 2020

Antinociceptive effect of the ethanolic extract of Pandanus panayensis Merr.

Page 31-37

Prima M. De Jesus, Jovencio G. Apostol, Mario A. Tan, Maribel G. Nonato, & Agnes L. Castillo

The current investigation explored the antinociceptive potential of the crude ethanolic (OHP) extract of Pandanus panayensis Merr. (Pandanaceae). Different doses (1000 mg/kg, 500 mg/kg, and 250 mg/kg BW) were used to establish their peripheral and central nociception activities using in vivo acetic acid- induced writhing and hot plate tests, respectively. Acetic acid-induced writhing test showed that the OHP extract at 500 mg/kg BW has the highest reduction in the number of writhes and is significantly comparable to the positive control. Hot plate test revealed very minimal or no central nociception for all doses. Hence, the OHP extract showed promising analgesic action through peripheral antinociception effects. Further pharmacological and chemical investigations are required to identify the bioactive metabolites and to characterize their mechanism of action.


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