VOLUME 71 : 2023

The Much-Awaited Bridge: Connecting the Worlds of RNA Biology and Glycobiology through the Discovery of GlycoRNAs

PAGE 50-62

online publication date: June 2023

Joe Anthony H. Manzano and Mary Beth B. Maningas

Glycosylation is a molecular process known to occur in lipids and proteins. Until recently, a new class of non-coding RNAs called glycoRNAs was discovered using bioorthogonal chemistry approaches. In this review paper, fundamental concepts in traditional RNA biology and glycobiology are reviewed. From the conventional way of studying RNA biology which is centered on its functions, structures, regulation, and synthesis, recent studies on RNA are now shifting to epigenetics and omics, especially its influence on disease pathogenesis and the process itself of post-transcriptional and post-translational modifications. In the study of glycobiology, recent investigations are centered on the pathophysiological relevance of the process of glycosylation. The discovery of glycoRNAs moves forward research on both RNA biology and glycobiology starting again from basic science. It establishes the foundation of future scientific endeavors which aims to clarify and answer unclear concepts such as glycoRNA trafficking within cells and the fate of glycoRNAs in the extracellular space. We also highlighted in this paper the promising potentials of glycoRNAs in both molecular diagnostics and therapeutics against autoimmune diseases.


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