VOLUME 71 : 2023

A global checklist of the genus Callicarpa L. (Lamiaceae) inthe 21st century

PAGE 82-96

online publication date: November 2023

Jennifer S. Danila and Grecebio Jonathan D. Alejandro

The genus Callicarpa L. is one of the most diverse vascular plants in the family of Lamiaceae. However,  its biodiversity has greatly changed due to various ecological and anthropogenic disturbances, while  knowledge of its overall distribution and conservation is becoming more inadequate. Herein, a global  checklist of Callicarpa species is presented by integrating the past with the most recent collections through  online databases. This checklist contains 148 species, 98 (66.0%) of which are endemic, mostly from Cuba,  Indonesia, the Philippines, China, Vietnam, and Malaysia. C. americana is the most abundant species  (36.8%), while 138 species represent the scarcest taxa (<2%) from all species sampled. The most species 

rich country is China (44 spp.), while the Indo-Malayan region is the most species-rich biogeographic  region (101 spp.) Moreover, 64 species (43%) were assessed in the 2022 IUCN Red List of Threatened  Species which includes 33 species (23%) Least Concern (LC), 9 species (6%) Vulnerable (VU), 12 species  (8%) Endangered (EN), 6 species (4%) Critically Endangered (CR), 1 species (<1%) Near Threatened  and 3 species (2%) Data Deficient. This paper represents a step toward Callicarpa species conservation,  especially of highly threatened species to address species conservation in a global context. 


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