VOLUME 63 : 2015

VOLUME 63 : 2015

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From biotechnology to nanotechnology: Philippine context

Page 87-95

Marciana Agnes G. Ponsaran

Graphical Abstract


In recent years, a considerable number of studies on risk assessment and regulation of nanotechnology has been published. Given the variables of risk, uncertainty and complexity of this new technology, how prepared is the Philippines to meet the challenges of nanotechnology? Nanotechnology as a fledging technology could draw wisdom from our local experiences with biotechnology.

This study examines biotechnology regulations in the Philippines in order to determine what mechanisms have been established to ward off potential harms and dangers that may arise from this technology. It investigates whether these mechanisms are adequate to address nanotechnology concerns such as health, safety, risk and regulation issues. The study makes use of the foundational principles of oversight of nanotechnologies and nanomaterials such as precaution, environmental sustainability, and inclusion of broader societal impacts, among others as reference. It seeks to leverage our experiences with biotechnology to regulate nanotechnology development in the country.

Keywords: biotechnology, nanotechnology, regulation of technologies, ethical principles


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