VOLUME 63 : 2015

VOLUME 63 : 2015

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Coconut sap sugar and syrup: a promising functional food/ingredient

Page 25-32

Trinidad P. Trinidad, Aida C. Mallillin, Ennata M. Avena, Regina G. Rodriguez, Melissa S. Borlagdan, Kristine Bernadette B. Cid, & Kristine T. Biona

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Sugars are not created equal. They may be classified as simple and complex. Simple sugars are readily digestible in the small intestine while complex sugars are not. Thereby, in terms of glucose response, complex sugar may be a good sugar substitute and may have a significant role in the proper control and management of diabetes mellitus and in the prevention for risk of obesity. The study aimed to determine coconut sap sugar and syrup as a promising functional food/ingredient. Coconut sap sugar and syrup were characterized in terms of nutrient composition, dietary fiber/sugar composition and its fermentability characteristics, and physicochemical and microbiological properties using standard methods. Results showed that both products have acceptable water activity with time. Salmonella and coliform are within the acceptance criteria of the Philippine National Standards. The color was attributed to the effects of temperature, relative humidity and pH. The moisture of coco sugar was within CODEX Standards (1.7–1.8 g/100 g). Significant amounts of minerals and vitamins were obtained. Both products contained sucrose, glucose, fructose and mannose. No dietary fiber was detected from coconut sap sugar but has significant amounts of inulin (4.7 g/100 g). Coconut sap syrup has both dietary fiber and inulin. Fermentable inulin produced short chain fatty acids with propionate>acetate>butyrate (p<0.05). The significant amounts of inulin and propionate are added values of coconut sap sugar/syrup and may be considered as a promising functional food/ingredient.

Keywords: coconut sap sugar/syrup, functional food, nutrient composition, inulin


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