VOLUME 62 : 2014

VOLUME 62 : 2014

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Molecularly imprinted potentiometric sensor for surfactant based on electrosynthesized polyaniline

Page 61-67

Francis G. Biñas & Fortunato Sevilla III

Graphical Abstract


A potentiometric sensor for sodium dodecylsulfate (SDS) was developed based on molecularly-imprinted polyaniline. The molecularly-imprinted polymer was synthesized through a potentiostatic electropolymerization of aniline monomer in the presence of the template SDS molecule at a constant potential of 0.8 V. The polymerization parameters determined the analytical performance of the polyaniline reagent phase. The optimized electropolymerization process provided a sensor with sensitivity of 45.54±6 mV/decade, working concentration range of 3×10–6 M to 1×10–2 M SDS, correlation coefficient (r2) of 0.993 and with a limit of detection 1×10–5 M DS. The sensor response is reproducible with a mean RSD of 8.08% from 3×10–6 M to 3×10–3 M SDS. Selectivity studies using the fixed primary ion method proved the higher selectivity of the synthesized polymer for SDS over inorganic salts and fatty acid salts.

Keywords: molecularly imprinted polyaniline, potentiometric sensor, sodium dodecysulfate


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