VOLUME 62 : 2014

VOLUME 62 : 2014

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Anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial constituents from the leaves of Villaria odorata

Page 47-52

Mario A. Tan, Regina Belen P. Callanta, Carlo Chris S. Apurillo, Thomas Edison E. dela Cruz, Grecebio Jonathan D. Alejandro, & Mafel C. Ysrael

Graphical Abstract


Three iridoids (1–3) and a sesquiterpenoid (4) were isolated from the leaves of Villaria odorata, a Philippine endemic Rubiaceae species. The structures were elucidated based on NMR and MS and in comparison with the literature. The anti-inflammatory activity of 1– 4 was evaluated against COX-II, while the MIC and MBC of 3 and 4 were determined using the microtiter plate dilution assay.

Keywords: Rubiaceae, Villaria, antiinflammatory, antimicrobial, MIC, MBC, COX-II


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